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Dave is the owner of the site and has been living in Vegas for the better part of a decade. In addition to sports, he's also a precious metals trader and analyst. RECENT RESULTS: 5-1 MLB run, miss on Preds Game 7, drilled Mickelson +310 to miss cut, possibly the most capable golf handicapper in the world right now.

The Boston Contact is one of the biggest sports bettors on the east coast. Period. He's a former hedge fund guy and has experience on both sides of the counter. RECENT RESULTS: He lost a couple MLB games and has gone quiet other than a nice call on the Jets +130 in Game 7 last night. As big as he's playing, he doesn't have to play everyday!!

Other experts and analysts from our Rolodex provide picks from time to time. Everyone in the Top Market network shares these two traits in common 1.) Experience working on financial trading floors 2.) a commitment to profitable sports investing techniques and thought processes.