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Dave is the owner and creator of the site. He's been living in Vegas for the better part of a decade and specializes heavily in golf betting. When not abusing bookies, he spends his time saving little baby kittens. RECENT RESULTS: Smashed Fowler 20/1 in Phoenix for clients to get 2019 golf szn started, dominating NCAAB with a 15-4 run, 7-1 NHL winning streak! BUY PICKS NOW!

Larry Josephson has been handicapping and covering the NBA before all you kids were even born. He's written ground-breaking articles for major gambling websites over the years, including an exclusive interview with NBA ref-gone-bad Tim Donaghy. RECENT RESULTS: Continues to crush NBA totals, hot hoops run with an 8-3 record in Feb so far, treading water in NHL at 16-13 but it will turn soon! BUY PICKS NOW!

Mr. Boston is one of the biggest sports bettors on the east coast. Period. As a former hedge fund guy with a keen eye for value and experience on both sides of the counter, he's not to be f**ed with. RECENT RESULTS: 69% in pro/college football combined to start the year, red hot in hockey on a 6-0 run with plenty of plus money dogs mixed in! BUY PICKS NOW!

Derek is a Vegas local and new addition to our handicapping stable. He's an active equity day trader who can often be found hustling tourists at one of the municipal golf courses around the valley. RECENT RESULTS: Went to Miami for the winter to caddy at an exclusive country club and smash Tinder dates. No picks! BUY PICKS NOW!

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